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  • Week One: Identify the Vision 

This session will assist you in developing you business's vision and your mission statement for you business.


  • Week Two: Finding Your Value & Success.​

This session will analyze where your success comes from? Where you want it to be in the future?   You will be able to decipher what has worked and what is not working. Completed a Mind Map to identify new revenue streams.​

  • Week Three: Who Is The Market?​

This session will assist you in identifying who your ideal client is and what do you have to offer to assist them? How can you help them? Who is your market and how do your reach them?​

  • Week Four: Name your Differentiator

This session will assist in how to develop a product or service based upon the needs of your identified market. How does your service or product assist your client's needs. Identify solutions for the clients that will draw leads to you.​

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