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Clinical Coaching & Consulting

Are you looking for ways to maximize your clinical services?

Are you a therapist looking for multiple streams of income?

Are you looking to integrate holistic approaches in your clinical practice or business?

Are you a therapist wanting to know how to become an independent practitioner and start your own practice?

We are here to take you to the next level!

Clinicial Business Coaching

  • Build skills to visualize, strategize, and manifest success

  • Clarify your values, purpose, and mission as a clinician and entrepreneur

  • Learn to communicate your skills and expertise as a leader in your field

  • Learn how to ethically and legally establish and protection your business, including documentation, teletherapy, record keeping, setting your fees, etc.

  • Develop a sustainable business model that highlights what sets you apart as a clinician

  • Create a custom brand and marketing materials that draws your ideal clients, including website, social media, blogging, email lists, etc.

  • Align your purpose and intentions to your actions

  • Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

  • Allow for greater freedom and flexibility in your schedule

  • Spark and re-invigorate creativity and motivation into your practice

  • Break through systemic barriers that limit the health and wellness industry

  • Uncover self-limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of your continued growth


Integrative & Holistic Practice Coaching

Our holistic approach combines my experience in brand identity and business strategy, along with Chakras-Subtle Energy, Reiki energy healing, and spiritual practices.

We support entrepreneurs in all phases of business—from birthing a new idea into the world to being on track to generate seven figures.


Clinical Supervision

So you’ve got the motivation, the determination, the education, and the counseling degree, but now what? Learning the practice of therapy and therapeutic intervention is an art form that takes consistent practice and feedback from a seasoned Clinician.

Clinical Supervision is critical to your professional development during your ongoing training. Having a Clinical Supervisor that is not only competent and knowledgable, but is also relatable, generous, and inspires strength-based growth, will set you up for a long and successful career.

** Supervision available for LCMHC-A i North Carolina by a LCMHCS.


Clinical Trainings

Would you like trainings to provide to your staff or agency on clinical  and holistic approaches? We can provide trainings specifically for your needs on Business Development, Programming, Ethics, Staff Development and Training.

Upcoming Trainings:

Chakra Therapy Certification

Clinical Energy Practitioner

"Let’s create the business and life you truly desire."

Let's Work Together

Are you in a place of change as well as your business ?…

… do you desire to create something new, yet overwhelmed and confused about how to turn your idea into an aligned business, offer, or program?

… are you stuck in an old version of your work and ready to take your business and life to the next level of expansion?

… do you wish to refresh and rebrand your business ?

… are you tired of working  hard and not feeling like you’re thriving—financially and personally?

... are you caught in a cycle  hustling and bustle and over-extending yourself?, and feeling burnout?

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